Behind AD-plast AB is a solid history. More than five decades of injection molding operations mean that we really “think plastic and sustainability”.

• In 1963, Arnold Fritzell and Donald Lorin started AD-plast AB with manufacturing tools for metal and plastic industry. Arnold and Donald split up after a few years working together and Donald took over the injection molding. Donald’s first customer was Järn & Stålprodukter AB, which later come to be Mont Blanc AB and is still a customer of AD-plast AB.

• In 1986, Michael Jonsson, who previously worked as a toolmaker, started M-plast AB with fokus on subcontract manufacturing. The company was managed during evenings and weekends and all other time of leisure to help other plastic manufacturers when they needed help.

• In 1987, M-plast AB was running full-time (3-shift) with Michael Jonsson at the helm.

• In 1989, M-plast AB bought Holmberg´s Industri´s plastic department and overtook all plastic production. The purchase also included 3 injection molding machines.

• In 1992, M-plast AB bought its first servo-controlled injection molding machine. A Cincinnati Milacron 100 tons.

• In 1994, M-plast AB acquired AD-plast AB from Donald Lorin. A digitalisation journey begins for the two merged companies.

• In 1998, AD-plast AB expanded its facilities by renovating offices and tool manufacturing section. The company is certified according to the ISO 9000 Quality System and the ISO 14000 Environmental System.

• In 1999, the first ABB-robot was purchased and the process of automation in the production began.

• In 2001, more ABB robots were implemented into the production and simultaneously the first vision system installed to verify production.

• In 2004, AD-plast AB acquired Kendrion Holmberg’s plastic department and overtook their entire plastic production. The purchase included 12 machines a beloning drying system and other peripheral equipment.

• In 2007, AD-plast expanded its warehouse by purchasing the adjacent property where Bil Atlas had previously been located. Thereby the total storage area was increased by 7300 sq m.

• In 2008, 6 new servo-controlled injection molders were purchased and a new production hall was made where the old warehouse had been located. By this time the fokus on metal replacement takes off, an important investment for sustainability.

• In 2011, AD-plast presented a new business concept consisting of 5 segments: Consulting, tool-making, production, assembly and logistics. Also the company’s slogan was created and followed “From vision to reality”.

• In 2013, AD-plast phases out the logistics segment to focus on the core business, consulting, tool manufacturing, production and assembly. The previously purechased property  adjacent to AD-plast is sold.

• In 2015, In May, AD-plast had the great honor of being visited by HMKK Carl XVI together with the County Governor Minoo Akhtarzand and representatives from the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. AD-plast builds a gym for the employees to advocate healthy lifestyle and well-being.

• In 2016, AD plast expands its facilities of 2,500 sqm making the total factory area 10 000 sqm, leaving room for expantion. Most of the new consists of warehouse but also space for assembly and quality department and offices for production and warehouse personnel.  The new warehouse is equipped with a freight terminal. Containing 4 loading docks, making it possible to prepare up to 8 trailers, with easy acess to trucks in oder to fasten up in and out delivery.

• In 2017, AD-plast begins phase 1 of the AGV-project (Automatic forklift) to fully automate the handling of the gods from production to warehouse and warehouse to production. All gods transportation takes place automatically and facilitates the job for the company´s employees who can focus on quality-assuring production. AD now stands for Automation Digitization.

• In 2018, AD-plast begins phase 2 in the AGV-project and expand the goods handling to also being able to handle all internal transport from tool change to material handling and thus automate the entire internal flow. Simultaneously an expansion starts of the tool manufacturing department and service and maintenance deparment to improve the logistical set-up, but also make room for innovation.

• In 2019, AD-plast acquires a new 500-ton 2k machine, the largest machine in the company’s history. A new cooling system along with a new 10-ton traverse is also being installed to handel and cool the tools for the new machine.