AD-Plast status regarding Coronavirus/Covid-19

Posted By on Mar 17, 2020 |

We at AD-Plast are currently NOT experiencing any issues regarding supply of raw material nor
components included in the production process. All delivery channels are fully operating and
well-functioning. Neither have we received any indications from our suppliers that delivery problems
might occur within the short-term.

We DO however experience disturbances in the production of new tools in China, but since we are
equipped with our own tool shop and have multiple Swedish suppliers within the area,
we DO NOT expect any delays regarding inquires of new tools, rather the opposite.

If you as a partner of AD-Plast have supplied us with production forecasts, delivery
plans or orders, our job is to maintain the good deliverability that we stand for and
are therefore keeping a close dialogue with all our suppliers to prevent delays to occur.
Therefore, we kindly ask you to keep us updated with your needs of products as soon as possible.

In case of an excess in demand of products within the short-term, we have close cooperation
with our local staffing agencies that will be able to supply us with personnel if necessary.

Internally we have issued a policy stating that all employees at AD-Plast should avoid physical
encounters and instead use technological tools such as phones, skype & webinars as a form
of communication until further notice.

In turbulent times like these, we hope that we will soon progress to normal operations and we
believe that through good cooperation and close communication we can make
the transition as smooth as possible.

We will update this information as soon as we have new information to add.
You are also very welcome to contact us with any questions you might have.

Michael Jonsson
AD-plast AB